Thursday, August 25, 2016

Grassroots Endorsements from Leaders in Every Town in Jefferson County – Republicans, Democrats and Independents

Watertown, NY: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today announced the endorsement of over 100 elected officials in Jefferson County.

The endorsements represent every town in Jefferson County, and from across the political spectrum, including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

The Jefferson County endorsements build on a robust grassroots organization in the region. The campaign has already made over 25,000 volunteer calls, and knocked on more than 700 doors across the Jefferson County area.

Democrat James Eves, the Village Mayor of Dexter said, “I am happy to endorse Elise for re-election. She has made her presence felt in Jefferson County and has shown that she genuinely cares about the important issues facing our region, especially Fort Drum. She has been a real advocate for our veterans and military community and I am excited to support her.”

Republican Scott Gray, Chairman of the Board of Legislators said, “Elise has been a tireless advocate for Jefferson County and the North Country. She has been highly visible in our region, partnering with local and state officials on issues that are important to us. Her attentiveness and ability to listen are much needed and rare traits in an elected official. I am happy to support her for re-election. “

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of so many leaders across Jefferson County,” said Stefanik. “From my first day in Congress, I’ve worked with these top officials, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, to deliver real results for families and small businesses in every town in the County.”

“I want to thank each and every one of these leaders for their bipartisan support, and for the tremendous support of our growing grassroots network of volunteers and supporters across Jefferson County and across the North Country who have joined our campaign to make Washington work for you.”

A complete list of the elected officials endorsing Stefanik is below:

Scott Allen, Town Supervisor, Pamelia
Joel Bartlett, Town Supervisor, Watertown
Kenneth Bates, Town Council Member, Brownville
Vincent Battista III, Village Mayor, Sackets Harbor
Cathy Behling, Deputy Supervisor, Adams
Samuel Biondolillo, Town Council Member, LeRay
Nancy Bice, Town Council Member, Worth
Robert Boucher, Village Trustee, Evans Mills
Barbara Boulton, Deputy Mayor, Sackets Harbor
Dawn Breyette, Town Clerk, Rutland
Stanley W. Buzzell, Town Council Member, Champion
Bruce Call, Superintendent of Highways, Pamelia
Gwen E. Call, Town Clerk, Pamelia
Bob Cantwell III, Town Council Member, Clayton
Lee Carpenter, Village Mayor, Black River
Philip Chatterton, Village Mayor, Adams
Michael Cocco, Village Mayor, Evans Mills
Henry Colby, Town Council Member, Ellisburg
Amy Cole, Town Clerk, Antwerp
Patrick Connor, Village Trustee, Brownville
John Culkin, Town Supervisor, Henderson
Carl Dealing, Superintendent of Highways, Lorraine
Kim A. Delles, Town Clerk, Theresa
Robert DeSantis, Village Mayor, Antwerp
Pamela Desormo, Town Clerk, Watertown
Paul Desormo, Town Council Member, Watertown
Jenn Dindl, Town Council Member, LeRay
Michael Docteur, County Legislator, District 1
Anthony Doldo, County Legislator, District 15
Tammy J. Donnelly, Town Clerk, Orleans
Mark Eiss, Town Council Member, Pamelia
James Eves, Village Mayor, Dexter
Bruce Ferguson, Town Supervisor, Champion
Robert Ferris, County Legislator, District 11
Carolyn Fitzpatrick, County Legislator, District 12
Charles Folsom, Town Council Member, Theresa
Michael Freeman, Superintendent of Highways, Philadelphia
William Fulkerson, Town Supervisor, Ellisburg
Ed Glaser, Town Council Member, Henderson
Frederick Goodnough, Town Council Member, Ellisburg
Scott Gray, County Legislator, District 13
Carol Hall, Town Council Member, Henderson
Cheryl Horton, Town Supervisor, Philadelphia
Jessy Hudon, Town Clerk, Alexandria
Dale Hunneyman, Town Supervisor, Alexandria
Patrick Jareo, County Legislator, District 9
Stephen Jennings, City Council Member, Watertown
William R. Jesmore, Town Council Member, LeRay
David Johnson, Town Council Member, Lorraine
David Kellogg, Town Supervisor, Adams
John E. Knapp, Town Clerk, Adams
Renee Kolb, Village Treasurer, Village of Glen Park
Kathleen E. LaClair, Town Clerk, Clayton
Deborah Lamora, Town Council Member, Philadelphia
Richard Lane, Town Supervisor, Brownville
Carrie Lasage, Village Trustee, Village of Brownville
Carson Lennox, Town Council Member, Hounsfield
Christal Lowffler, Village Mayor, Village of Herrings
Stephen Macaulay, Village Mayor, Village of Glen Park
Timothy Maloney, Village Mayor, Cape Vincent
Steven Marcinkowski, Town Supervisor, Theresa
James Matthews, Village Mayor, Ellisburg
Jeremiah Maxon, County Legislator, District 10
Daniel McBride, County Legislator, District 6
Gizzelle Meeks, County Clerk
Danielle Miller, Village Mayor, Alexandria Bay
Michael Montigelli, County Legislator, District 5
Matthew Montroy, Village Mayor, Village of Philadelphia
Vincent Moore, Town Supervisor, Lorraine
Daniel Nevills, Town Council Member, Wilna
Michael Nichols, Village Trustee, Chaumont
Bruce Nutting, Deputy Mayor, Village of Dexter
Trevor O’Dell, Town Council Member, Rutland
Kristy L. O’Shaughnessy, Clerk-Treasurer, Carthage
Torre Parker-Lane, Town Council Member, Henderson
Debra L. Payne, Town Clerk, Ellisburg
John Peck, County Legislator, District 7
Thomas Petrie, Town Council Member, Alexandria
Merle Pickert, Village Trustee, Antwerp
Victoria Pritty-Pitcher, Town Council Member, Hounsfield
Tony Randazzo, Village Trustee, Village of Clayton
Kevin Rarick, Town Supervisor, Orleans
Cheryl Reed, Town Clerk, Philadelphia
Philip Reed, County Legislator, District 3
Stephan Rich, Deputy Supervisor, Watertown
Valerie Rust, Village Mayor, Chaumont
Timothy Scee, Town Supervisor, Hounsfield
Douglas Shelmidine, Town Council Member, Ellisburg
Mary C. Smith, Town Clerk, LeRay
John Stine, Town Council Member, Alexandria
Gary Stinson, Town Supervisor, Rodman
Brent Sweet, Town Council Member, Alexandria
Ronald Taylor, Town Supervisor, LeRay
Ronald Tepfenhart, Town Council Member, Brownville
Sandra Veivia, Village Trustee, Evans Mills
Daniel Villa, Town Council Member, Lyme
Mark Walczyk, City Council Member, Watertown
Robert Watson, Town Council Member, Philadelphia
Dan Wiley, Town Council Member, Cape Vincent
Greg Wills, Town Council Member, Alexandria
Peter Wilson, Deputy Supervisor, Orleans
Janet Zando, Village Mayor, Deferiet