Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Grassroots Endorsements from Leaders in Every Town in Warren County

Glens Falls, NY: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today announced the endorsement of forty-two elected officials in Warren County. The endorsements include elected officials representing every town in Warren County.

The Warren County endorsements build on a robust grassroots organization in the region. As of today, Elise for Congress has already made over 15,000 voter contacts in Warren County.

Lake George Mayor Robert Blais said, “I am happy to endorse Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for reelection. She has made the issues facing our region a priority since taking office. She cares about our towns and villages and wants to see them thrive.”

“Whether it be supporting our tourism sector or our small business owners, Congresswoman Stefanik cares about us in the North Country. For all of these reasons, I will be supporting her in November,” he said.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of so many leaders across Warren County,” said Stefanik. “From my first day in Congress, I’ve worked with these leaders to deliver real results for families and small businesses in every town in the County.”

“I want to thank each and every one of these leaders for their bipartisan support, and for the tremendous support of our growing grassroots network of volunteers and supporters across Warren County and across the North Country who have joined our campaign to make Washington work for you.”

A complete list of the forty-two elected officials endorsing Stefanik is below:

Eugene Arsenault, Town Board Member, Johnsburg
Caroline Barber, Town Clerk, Queensbury
Douglas Beaty, Board of Supervisors, Queensbury
Robert Blais, Village Mayor, Lake George
Michael Cherubini, Town Board Member, Hague
Donna Combs, Town Clerk, Warrensburg
Jodi Connally, Town Clerk, Bolton
Ron Conover, Town Supervisor, Bolton
Mindy Conway, Town Clerk, Chester
Dennis Dickinson, Town Supervisor, Lake George
Karen DuRose, Town Board Member, Chester
Scott Endieveri, Common Council, City of Glens Falls
Martin Fitzgerald II, Town Board Member, Hague
Deborah Foley, Town Clerk, Lake George
Edna Frasier, Town Supervisor, Hague
Kevin Geraghty, Town Supervisor, Warrensburg
Frank Hill, Town Board Member, Horicon
Douglas Irish, Town Board Member, Queensbury
Matt MacDonald, Board of Supervisors, Glens Falls Ward 5
Deborah Manning, Town Clerk, Hague
Mark McLain, Town Board Member, Lake Luzerne
Eugene Merlino, Town Supervisor, Lake Luzerne
Ronald Montesi, Board of Supervisors, Queensbury
Robert Olsen, Town Board Member, Horicon
Raymond Perry, Village Trustee, Village of Lake George
Steven Ramant, Town Board Member, Hague
Joyce Reed, Town Board Member, Warrensburg
Bryan Rounds, Town Board Member, Warrensburg
Rachel Seeber, Board of Supervisors, Queensbury
Matthew Simpson, Town Supervisor, Horicon
Donald Smith Sr, Superintendent of Highways, Hague
Sylvia Smith, Town Board Member, Horicon
Nancy Stannard, Town Board Member, Lake George
Michael Swan, County Treasurer
Frank Thomas, Town Supervisor, Stony Creek
Glenn Trackey, Town Board Member, Lake Luzerne
William VanNess, Town Board Member, Queensbury
Pamela Vogel, County Clerk
Edna Wells, Town Board Member, Chester
Susan Wilson, Deputy Supervisor, Bolton
Evelyn Wood, Town Supervisor, Thurman
Nathan York, County Sheriff