The Post Star
Sep 28, 2016

I’m not sure we in the North County realize how well we have been represented in Congress the last few years.

Starting just a few years ago, we were fortunate enough to have Chris Gibson be our representative, and now we have Elise Stefanik. Elise has done a great job in the last two years bringing the North Country’s concerns to Washington and fighting for them. She has been a strong advocate for agriculture, which is the backbone of the Washington County’s economy. She also understands the plight of the small businesses in upstate New York, which have to compete in local and national markets with increasing government mandates and regulations, as her family owns and operates a small business here.

With all the controversy and chaos going on at the national presidential level, we are lucky to have a hard-working, smart and dedicated congresswoman fighting for us and our needs. She is the conservative voice we need working to create upstate New York jobs, defending our constitutional rights and standing up for our military veterans. She has invested the time and effort to come to Warren and Washington counties many times and listen to what our concerns are, answer questions and carry our message to Washington.

On Nov. 8, we should all do the right thing and support Elise for our congressional representative. We need more young conservative voices working on restoring fiscal responsibility, balancing the budget and getting government spending under control. Vote for someone who shares the same values we all do. Vote for Elise Stefanik on Nov. 8.

Matt Hicks, Granville

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