Thursday, October 6, 2015

Stefanik Launches New Ad: “Introduction”

-“Isn’t it Funny When a Politician You Never Heard of Starts Attacking?”

Glens Falls, NY: Elise for Congress today launched a new ad highlighting Colorado Republican turned Democrat Mike Derrick’s record of negative attacks, while failing to offer any new ideas or solutions for the challenges facing the North Country. The ad contrasts Mike Derrick’s attacks and woeful lack of solutions against Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s record of delivering real results for Fort Drum, our rural hospitals, our veterans, and for more North Country jobs.

The new thirty second ad, called “Introduction,” will begin airing tomorrow district-wide on broadcast and cable. A 15-second digital version is currently running online.

Click here to watch “Introduction:”

Click here to watch a 15 second digital version:

Ad transcript is below:

Isn’t it funny when a politician you never heard of starts attacking?

Take candidate Mike Derrick. Never heard of him, right?

Former Republican, now Democrat, owns seven homes in Colorado

and when asked about bills in Congress important to the North Country, Derrick responded

“I just don’t know enough about it.”

Elise Stefanik does.

Protect Fort Drum and our vets.

Keep rural hospitals open.

Encourage job creation.

Elise Stefanik

New Leadership, Real Results

Elise Stefanik:
I’m Elise Stefanik and I approve this message

# # #