The Post Star
October 31, 2016

To the Editor:

Less than two years ago we elected Elise Stefanik as our congresswoman and made her the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Even though she is less than 1/4 of 1 percent of the House of Representatives and a freshman, she was able to obtain seats on the important Armed Services and Education and Workforce committees. I have seen her on CSPAN as one of a few attendees at hearings, questioning our military leaders on important issues related to national security. She asked tough questions that required solid answers. As any teacher can tell you, a good student may ask a question where you do not have the answer. Our congresswoman does that. She looks for the things we should know, but don’t. The first thing you need to do to accomplish something is to show up. She does. She only missed two votes out of 1,277. That is 0.2 percent while the average is 10 times that. Don’t forget, she spends a lot of time traveling between Washington and all across NY21. Congresswoman Stefanik has fought for jobs and improvements in our college loan and aid programs. She has visited small and large businesses across our huge Congressional District, hearing their concerns and working to address their problems. A strong supporter of Fort Drum and our military, she is watching out for our interests. In her Facebook posts Elise often shares and praises local events and successes along with posting her votes and activities. For our congresswoman, it is about us.

Please consider supporting Congresswoman Elise Stefanik in all she does and when you vote Nov. 8.

Michael Ring, Adams Center

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