Thursday, September 20, 2018


– “She is Always Willing and Able to Pick Up the Phone and Assist Us Wherever it is Needed and is Very Much in Touch With All the Issues Affecting Us” –

Glens Falls: The Stefanik campaign today announced the endorsement of 117 leaders in Jefferson County. The endorsements include Republican, Democrat and Independent elected and appointed officials and every town in Jefferson County.

“It’s essential that we have good, solid working relationships at all levels of our government. Congresswoman Stefanik understands this, said Scott Gray, Chairman of the Jefferson County Board of Legislators. “She is always willing and able to pick up the phone and assist us wherever it is needed, whether it’s on economic development, our local airports, or Fort Drum, she is always there to help. She is very much in touch with all the issues affecting us and we have a great working relationship that has allowed both of us to deliver beneficial results for Jefferson County. That is why I am proud to endorse Elise for re-election.”

“I believe and trust in her to do the job we elected her to do,” said James Eves, Village Mayor, Village of Dexter. “Especially, fighting for Fort Drum.”

“It’s nice to finally have a politician that keeps true to her word,” said Robert “Bobby” Ferris, County Leg. District 11. “Thank you, Elise, for doing a great job.”

“Elise is always willing to listen to her constituents concerns, and represents us effectively in Washington,” said Jen Dindle-Neff, Town Councilwoman, Town of LeRay.

“As a local elected official and a college student, I am proud to endorse Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election,” said Logan Eddy, Councilman, Town of Rutland. “Elise Stefanik is a strong advocate for our community, whether she is meeting with local dairy farmers or resolving issues facing Fort Drum, she is always at the forefront and ready to listen to our concerns. In addition to her continued communication, Elise’s efforts to ensure access to quality and affordable higher education has not gone unnoticed in the North Country, which is why I hope you will join me in voting to re-elect Elise Stefanik as our Congresswoman.”

“Congresswoman Stefanik has continued to be a tireless advocate for the North Country and our residents,” William Kalin III, Town Clerk, Town of Rutland. “As a combat veteran, I applaud Elise for her continued support for veterans and their families across the district, ensuring they receive the services they are entitled to for their courageous service to their country.”

“I’m honored to have earned the endorsement of so many leaders across Jefferson County,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “From my first day in Congress, I’ve worked on a bipartisan basis with these leaders to deliver real results for families and small businesses across the County.

I thank each and every one of these leaders, as well as our tremendous grassroots network of volunteers and supporters across Jefferson County and across the North Country as we work to earn every vote and win in November.”

The complete list of the 117 Jefferson County elected leaders endorsing Stefanik is below:

Jennie Adsit, County Legislator, District 14
Scott Allen, Town Supervisor Pamelia
Lynne Altmann, Village Trustee, Village of Antwerp
Angela Alvarez, Village Clerk, Village of Mannsville
Joel Bartlett, Town Supervisor, Watertown
Cathy Behling, Deputy Supervisor, Adams
Samuel Biondolillo, Town Council Member, LeRay
Robert Boucher, Village Mayor, Evans Mills
Barbara Boulton, Deputy Mayor, Village of Sackets Harbor
Don Bourquin, Deputy Supervisor, Lyme
James Bray, Village Trustee, Village of Sackets Harbor
Joseph Butler, City Mayor, Watertown
Stanley Buzzell, Town Council Member, Champion
Bruce Call, Superintendent of Highways, Pamelia
Gwen Call, Town Clerk, Pamelia
Robert Cantwell III, County Legislator, District 1
Sandra Carpenter, Town Council Member, Philadelphia
Vance Carpenter, Town Council Member, Rodman
Philip Chatterton, Village Mayor, Village of Adams
Amy Cole, Town Clerk, Antwerp
Patrick Connor, Village Mayor, Village of Brownville
John Culkin, Town Supervisor, Henderson
Kim Delles, Town Clerk, Theresa
Pamela Desormo, Town Clerk, Watertown
Paul Desormo, Town Council Member, Watertown
Anthony Doldo, County Legislator, District 15
Tammy Donnelly, Town Clerk, Orleans
Nancy Dutton, Village Trustee, Village of Deferiet
Andrea Eaton, Village Trustee, Village of Mannsville
Gary Eddy, Town Supervisor, Rutland
Logan Eddy, Town Council Member, Rutland
James Eves, Village Mayor, Village of Dexter
Robert Ewing, Village Trustee, Village of Cape Vincent
Todd Farrington, Superintendent of Highways, Hounsfield
Bruce Ferguson, Town Supervisor, Champion
Robert Ferris, County Legislator, District 11
Carolyn Fitzpatrick, County Legislator, District 12
Wendy Flagg, Town Clerk, Henderson
Charles Folsom, Town Council Member, Theresa
Daniel Frechette, Village Trustee, Village of Sackets Harbor
Michael Freeman, Superintendent of Highways, Philadelphia
Patrick Gibbens, Village Trustee, Village of Philadelphia
Ed Glaser, Town Council Member, Henderson
Ken Gleason, Town Council Member, Rutland
Jerry Golden, Village Mayor, Cape Vincent
Bob Goutremout, Village Trustee, Village of Brownville
Scott Gray, County Legislator, District 13
Stan Hajdasz, Town Council Member, Pamelia
Carol Hall, Town Council Member, Henderson
Geoffrey Hillick, Village Trustee, Village of Alexandria Bay
Joseph Hodges, Town Council Member, Lorraine
Cheryl Horton, Town Supervisor, Philadelphia
Jessy Hudon, Town Clerk, Alexandria
Gordon Hutton, Town Council Member, Lorraine
Patrick Jareo, County Legislator, District 9
William Johnson, County legislator, District 2
Alan Jones, Town Council Member, Lyme
William Kalin III, Town Clerk, Rutland
David Kellogg, Town Supervisor, Adams
Kathleen LaClair, Town Clerk, Clayton
Richard Lane, Town Supervisor, Brownville
Carrie Lasage, Village Trustee, Village of Brownville
Corry Lawler, Town Council Member, Hounsfield
Mark Leeson, Village Trustee, Village of Philadelphia
Carson Lennox, Town Council Member, Hounsfield
Stephen Macaulay, Village Mayor, Village of Glen Park
Laura Macklen, Town Clerk, Worth
Steven Marcinkowski, Town Supervisor, Theresa
Jeremiah Maxon, County Legislator, District 10
Timothy McAtee, Town Council Member, Watertown
Daniel McBride, County Legislator, District 6
June McCartin, Town Clerk, Brownville
Joanne McClusky, Town Council Member, Watertown
Brenda McConnell, Village Clerk, Village of Brownville
Charles McConnell, Village Trustee, Village of Brownville
Gary McCullouch, Village Trustee, Village of Black River
Gizzelle Meeks, County Clerk, Jefferson County
Michael Montigelli, County Legislator, District 5
Matthew Montroy, Village Mayor, Village of Philadelphia
George Moulton, Town Council Member, Adams
Nancy Murphy, Village Trustee, Village of Adams
James Nabywaniec, County Legislator, District 8
Jennifer Neff, Town Council Member, LeRay
Daniel Nevills, Town Council Member, Wilna
Diane Nier, Town Clerk, Hounsfield
Bruce Nutting, Deputy Mayor, Village of Dexter
Trevor O’Dell, Town Council Member, Rutland
Debra Payne, Town Clerk, Ellisburg
John Peck, County Legislator, District 7
James Pelton, Village Trustee, Village of Mannsville
Claude Phelps, Superintendent of Highways, Rutland
Deborah Pierce, Village Clerk, Village of West Carthage
Victoria Pitcher, Town Council Member, Hounsfield
David Prosser, Town Council Member, Watertown
Grace Pruitt, Town Council Member, Pamelia
Todd Race, Village Trustee, Village of Adams
Tony Randazzo, Village Trustee, Village of Clayton
Philip Reed, County Legislator, District 3
Bruce Rohr, Superintendent of Highways, Watertown
Timothy Scee, Town Supervisor, Hounsfield
Douglas Shelmidine, Town Supervisor, Ellisburg
Linda Sicley, Town Council Member, Worth
James Smith, Village Trustee, Village of West Carthage
Mary Smith, Town Clerk, LeRay
Thomas Stewart, Town Council Member, Champion
Gary Stinson, Town Supervisor, Rodman
Brent Sweet, Town Supervisor, Alexandria
Brian Tanner, Fire Commissioner Chair, Rutland
Ronald Taylor, Town Supervisor, LeRay
Leo Thompson, Village Trustee, Village of Brownville
Ronald Thompson, Town Council Member, Alexandria
Daniel Villa, Town Council Member, Lyme
Louis Waite, Town Council Member, Champion
Mark Walczyk, City Council Member, City of Watertown
Robert Washer, Village Trustee, Village of Glen Park
Robert Watson, Town Council Member, Philadelphia
Clarence Woodruff, Town Council Member, Rutland

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