Glens Falls, NY:Last week, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik exposed new safety concerns over Governor Cuomo’s unconstitutional “Green Light Law” granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. The Cuomo administration is now blocking federal Law Enforcement from accessing the New York State Department of Moter Vehicle (DMV) records, preventing them from effectively doing their jobs to ensure public safety.

Federal Law Enforcement is now unable to run a license plate to see if someone has an active warrant.County Clerks from both partiesacross New York State are joining the fight against this reckless law, which they have pointed out will bring “unacceptable security risks.”

“Revoking Federal Law Enforcement’s access to state records is an unconscionable action that will have grave consequences for our immigration system and the country as a whole, and will keep our border patrol from being able to effectively do their jobs,” said Stefanik. “Border agents being unable to confirm someone’s immigration status is a national security risk. I urge Governor Cuomo to immediately reverse this action and reinstate federal law enforcement’s access to state records for the good of our country.”

In contrast, Democrat Tedra Cobb continues to supporton the recordGovernor Cuomo’s far-Left policy, despite elected officials within her own party saying it poses a critical safety risk.

From theAdirondack Daily Enterprise:“Cobb’s campaign responded by saying she thinks people will be safer if all New York drivers are licensed — an argument supporters have made for giving undocumented immigrants access to licenses.”

Congresswoman Stefanik has consistently spoken out against this reckless policy. In June, Stefanik said: “Let me be clear: I oppose giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, any expansion of sanctuary cities in NY, or any amnesty to illegal immigrants. Legitimizing and recognizing illegal immigration is a step towards turning New York into a sanctuary state. Our nation needs comprehensive immigration reform, which starts by securing our border. Last Congress, I was proud to vote for the rule of law and to defund sanctuary cities.”

“It is disappointing that my opponent supports giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, but has yet to stand up for what she believes in and to publicly endorse the new immigration policy of her own party,” said Stefanik.