Written by John J. Morgia Sr. in the Watertown Daily Times on Jan 3, 2020

As residents of the Front Yard of America, we know the importance of a strong relationship with Canada.

Security, trade and tourism centered on the border are critical for our communities.

Yet Tedra Cobb has made no definitive statements on how she would continue to improve our relationship with Canadians, work to improve access to tourists and snowbirds or pass the United States Mexico Canada Agreement.

We’re lucky to have a representative in Congress who really understands this and acts on it.

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has gone above and beyond in helping manage the relationship with Canada and to improve the situation at the border.

She’s worked with President Donald Trump to address staffing and security issues, to rewrite trade agreements and secure funds to promote a free flow of goods, visitors and ideas while always putting America first.

Tedra Cobb has no substantive policies on the most important issues for our region.

We cannot afford to wait to learn her beliefs on the matter. We must know right now.

We can’t risk sending Tedra Cobb to Congress.

She has no experience working with top Canadian officials, no foreign policy experience and has done little to show us her ideas on how to address issues like security and trade.

We need Elise Stefanik to continue to represent us.

We need to vote for her in the election next November.

John J. Morgia Sr.


You can read the full letter to the editor here: https://www.nny360.com/