Posted at on Thursday, Feb 06, 2020

WASHINGTON (WCAX)President Trump heaped praise on New York Representative Elise Stefanik and other supporters during a post-acquittal speech at the White House Thursday afternoon.

“I was up campaigning for her, helping her,” Trump said. “I thought, ‘She looks good, she looks like good talent.’ But I did not realize when she opens that mouth, you were killing them Elise.” He added, “I’ll always be your friend. What a great future you have. The first lady agrees.”

While Stefanik initially distanced herself from the president after his election, over the past year she has become a full-throated supporter. She took a lead role in the impeachment proceedings in the House and Senate and was recently named as a chair for Trump’s reelection campaign in New York.

The attention has also led to an influx of cash. At the end of 2019, Stefanik’s campaign had raised $4.5 million.

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