Written by Rita Curran in North Country Now

This past week our Congresswoman secured over $33 million in HHS funding for our North Country Hospitals. This means the world to our community, knowing we have a leader at the helm who recognizes the importance of our hospital staff and health care workers.

As a Nurse Practitioner working during this pandemic, I understand what it takes to fight this virus head-on, and the fact that Congresswoman Stefanik is willing to move mountains to ensure our safety and the safety of the North Country is a genuine reminder of who she is. Our front line workers need the support of all of our legislators, and Congresswoman Stefanik, time and time again, is setting the example.

Even prior to this enormous funding win for the North Country, Congresswoman Stefanik’s mission objective was to ensure our safety and success. Stefanik’s M.O. was apparent from the beginning when she played a pivotal role in keeping our resources when Governor Cuomo announced an incomprehensible redistribution plan for our ventilators and equipment, which would have surely led to a district wide shortage. I can’t even imagine how our district would have dealt with this order knowing we are already limited in resources.

Congresswoman Stefanik’s work has greatly impacted the district and I know she will continue to secure NY-21. Great Job, Congresswoman Stefanik! You’re saving lives.

Rita Curren

St. Lawrence County legislator

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