Written by J.P. Spinelli in the Post-Star


Stefanik works 24/7 for constituents in Upstate New York.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has been a shining beacon of hope during the most tragic time for society in my lifetime.

Stefanik and her staff have worked diligently to get timely answers to complex questions, at the federal and state level, particularly for small businesses, veterans, senior citizens and the medical community.

Elise’s commitment to serving her community, bringing issues that affect all aspects of public safety and the economy to the forefront at the federal level, is steadfast and true.

Those of us located in the 21st and 20th congressional districts of upstate New York are benefiting by Elise’s tenacity, fortitude and ability to clearly state facts, not fiction.

I recommend that anyone reading this letter log onto Congresswoman Stefanik’s website to sign up for her weekly emails, which are chock-full of valuable information during these turbulent times.

A vote for Elise Stefanik in November is a vote for upstate New York!

JP Spinelli, Saratoga Springs

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