Witten by Joseph DeBuque in the Press-Republican

TO THE EDITOR: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik works tirelessly to ensure that the interests and needs of the North Country are represented in Congress.

As a community, we hold Elise accountable to her promises and her track record proves that she continuously keeps her word to secure integral wins for the North Country.

Unlike her Democrat colleagues who are constrained by the interests of Hollywood celebrities, Elise looks towards our community to guide her decisions and her work, especially when it could have a significant impact on the North Country. As a result, Elise has been able to create integral policies that ultimately benefit our community.

Her leadership and constantly strive to better the North Country has allowed for our businesses and industries to grow and thrive. As a result, we can count on Elise to thoughtfully remember us whether she is voting, drafting legislation, or representing our interests. We elected her on the premise that she would look out for us in a world where the North Country is often forgotten, and she has successfully kept her promise to faithfully represent our interests and our needs.

Elise Stefanik is a representative that I know will represent the needs of the North Country. Her track record proves that she won’t make decisions without considering the implications it could have on our community. That is why I will continue to support Elise in November.

Because I know that her leadership will continue to guide the North Country in a positive direction.



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