Written by Chris Monnat in the Watertown Daily Times

As we navigate the still quite unfamiliar days of social media and constant connectivity to celebrities and politicians, we are desperate for genuine role models for our impressionable youth. All too often we see teenagers mimic and attach themselves to celebrities who use vulgar language, spread hate where there should be love, and use their platform for their own personal agendas rather than for the good of the country. U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is a shining example of a true role model and someone we should be promoting on all platforms.

I have always been impressed with Congresswoman Stefanik by the way she carries herself in every interaction she has. She always holds the north country in high regard and uses the outlet to promote and educate rather than to put down differing viewpoints.

Elise’s coverage of a Clayton man’s journey to space should spark a new interest in space for our younger generation. Her support and compassion throughout the George Floyd protests are a sign of hope, and her overall drive to become the youngest GOP woman elected to Congress is nothing short of inspirational. Rep. Elise Stefanik will always have my support, and she will surely have my vote in November.

Chris Monnat


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