Written by Casey Lavarge in the Post-Star


I would like to express my sincere thanks to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for being one of the few to actually understand The U.S. Constitution and recognize that protecting Law Enforcement is vital.

Elise is prudent and being proactive to recommend that the National Guard be on standby to assist Law Enforcement if necessary. Tedra Cobb stated that “Policing American streets isn’t the job these brave men and women signed up to do,” Cobb said. “We can have law and order without shredding the constitution.” The National Guard can be used to assist with fatigued law enforcement, protect property, address the rioting, and most importantly be used to protect the inhumane loss of life. Perhaps Tedra Cobb should recognize that the Constitution is already being “shredded” by those who seek to destroy property, murder civilians and violently attack Police Officers.

The Congresswoman swore an oath to the same Constitution which includes “ensuring domestic tranquility,” to protect the rights of all of her constituents which includes property and business owners, those who protest peacefully for a sincere cause, and those who are members of law enforcement.

Casey Lavarge, Gansevoort

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