June 17, 2020

Saratoga: Today, Taxin’ Tedra released a desperate video in response to the four new ads the Elise for Congress campaign released on Monday, calling them “conspiracy theories” and “BS.”

One problem: every word is backed up by Taxin’ Tedra’s own words and actions.

·Taxin’ Tedra was caught on tape supporting a gun ban. FACT.

Watch HERE (0:08).

· Taxin’ Tedra voted to raise taxes 20 times. FACT.

· Taxin’ Tedra refuses to criticize Governor Cuomo even during his nursing home scandal that led to the death of thousands of seniors in New York. FACT.

· Taxin’ Tedra refuses to hold China accountable for their coverup of COVID-19. FACT

· Taxin’ Tedra was a Cuomo appointee. FACT.

Watch her confirm this in her own words HERE (1:32)

Taxin’ Tedra Cobb will say anything to distract from her disastrous record of wanting to take guns away from law-abiding North Country citizens, raising taxes 20 times, and flat-out refusing to criticize Governor Cuomo for his devastating nursing home scandal that led to hundreds of preventable deaths,”said Maddie Anderson, Stefanik Campaign Spokeswoman. “Unlike Taxin’ Tedra, Congresswoman Stefanik will always tell North Country voters exactly where she stands, and that’s why voters trust her. The only conspiracy theory here is that Taxin’ Tedra has any chance of ever being in Congress.”