Written by Mary Grace Downey in the Post-Star


I am often astonished by how invested Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is in her constituents. Time and again she has shown that she wants the absolute best for the North Country, and this has only become all the more evident since the start of the coronavirus.

The lengths she has gone to ensure that everyone is being taken care of is rare in this political day and age. One of my many favorite qualities about her is her willingness to fight for small businesses, and how she knows their struggles first-hand due to her experience with her family’s business growing up. Elise is aware of just how important these businesses are to the upstate economy and the impact this virus has had on the businesses and their owners.

I was recently pleased to see her push to protect and help them when it comes to using the aid they have been given during these trying times. This being just one of the several things she has done to make sure that all of the smaller businesses, not only in her district but throughout America, are being taken care of. I am happy to be represented by someone who truly cares and knows what it means to depend on such a business.

Mary Grace Downey, Saratoga Springs

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