Written by Andrew Smith in the Watertown Daily Times

Ever since Elise Stefanik earned the right to represent NY-21 in 2014, she has shown real results for constituents in the north country. From touring factories to hosting town halls for local businesses, she has shown her genuine compassion and commitment to north country commerce.

Her drive to get Fort Drum as the selected base for the East Coast missile defense site shows her determination to deliver jobs and infrastructure to her district. The effort for the missile defense site and her push for pay increases to soldiers also show how much she cares about our military.

Constituents in NY-21 have had the pleasure of watching Rep. Stefanik become a very well-rounded politician who has our interests at heart. She has shown that she will fight for the issues that matter most to NY-21, and she has shown that she has the composure to take any fight head on and come out on top. This is why she continues to earn the respect of constituents in our district, and 2020 will be no different.

Andrew Smith


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