Written by Michael Higman in the Watertown Daily Times

I write to you today to express my sincere concerns regarding the Democratic challenger for the 21 st Congressional District, Tedra Cobb. U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has done an exemplary job fighting for the north country and working to accurately represent our district in Washington. Tedra Cobb’s record has shown that she is nothing that the north country should be proud to have as a representative and that she is not aligned with our values.

During these recent difficult times in our country, with the novel coronavirus pandemic and ever-expanding national deficit, we need a representative who will fight to hold the line on new taxes. As a member of the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators, Tedra Cobb’s record is clear on raising taxes. She’s voted to raise taxes nearly 20 times. We need representation who understands the difficulties that new or higher taxes put on financially stressed areas such as our own.

North country residents have always been the type who enjoy our freedoms. It’s truly one of the greatest reasons to be an American. However, the Democrats have repeatedly attempted to limit those freedoms, namely encroachments on the Second Amendment.

If you recall from the last election cycle, Tedra Cobb publicly stated she was in favor of the Second Amendment. But behind closed doors, she changed that view. She said that if she stated a certain opinion on the Second Amendment publicly, she would not get elected.

On top of having that misaligned value to the north country, her lack of honesty and integrity is more troubling. There are enough politicians with that problem already, and we do not need another one.

Honesty. Integrity. Dedication. These are three words accurately reflect Rep. Stefanik, and those are the reasons why I will cast my ballot for her in the 2020 NY-21 congressional race. She has fought tirelessly for the north country to ensure it remains the excellent place we have decided to call home. Rep. Stefanik has fought for our farmers, for Fort Drum and our military as a whole, and last but certainly not least, for all of her constituents in the north country.

Michael Higman


You can read the full letter to the editor at: www.nny360.com