Saratoga, NY: “Today is an important day as we mark up the National Defense Authorization Act. I serve as the Ranking Member for Intel, Emerging Threats, and Capabilities where we will continue to protect our troops by investing in capabilities to counter adversaries like China, Russia, and Iran,” said Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.

“North Country voters remember that my Far-Left opponent publicly scorned President Trump for visiting Fort Drum to honor the 10th Mountain Division and sign the largest pay increase for our troops. Taxin’ Tedra opposed the bill putting our military readiness and troops’ lives at risk.

“Taxin’ Tedra shows she is unfit to serve is when asked about Russia: ‘Cobb said she is not yet sure what she would do about Russia.’ This is an absolute embarrassment. I have delivered specific policy results on the House Armed Services Committee to counter Russia, including funding a matured Cyber Command to counter Russian cyber threats and bolster our cyber defense capabilities, supporting sanctions on Russian officials, funding NATO partnerships to counter Russian cyber activities, and rebuilding our military readiness. Additionally, my work has increased European Defense Initiative to reinforce NATO’s Eastern Flank to combat Russian aggression, supported arming Ukraine with Javelins – unlike the Obama-Biden Administration, and invested in intelligence capabilities to strengthen force protection.

“One of the most critical issues is investing in missile defense to counter our adversaries and protect our troops and the homeland. Taxin’ Tedra opposed an East Coast Missile Defense Site at Fort Drum, and her 2018 campaign proudly displayed and endorsed a Leftist group that was also strongly opposed to this.

“North Country voters will NEVER forget Taxin’ Tedra refusing to call Soleimani a terrorist – a heinous terrorist responsible for killing hundreds of soldiers and wounding thousands.

“Taxin’ Tedra parrots Pelosi – her choice for Speaker – and Adam Schiff by spewing New York Times leaks that put our soldiers and nation at risk. She is unfit to serve, as she has no understanding of classified intelligence and will never get a classified briefing.

“The number one priority of bipartisan Members of the House Armed Services Committee & our military leadership is to ensure that we are protecting and defending our men and women in uniform. Taxin’ Tedra has opposed every single NDAA that strengthens our military,” Stefanik concluded.