Washington, D.C: Taxin’ Tedra “said she is not yet sure what she would do about Russia.” But North Country voters remember that Taxin’ Tedra’s only national security strategy is to use U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund soap operas as soft power for international population control.

“Does anyone remember Dallas?” – Taxin’ Tedra Cobb

“It is because more people are watching TV, and women are watching soap operas and are educated, and are having fewer children, on the soap operas and in fact [the real women] are having fewer children because of them. It’s called soft power.” – Tedra Cobb

“Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has a proven record of always standing up for our troops – especially our brave men and women in the 10th Mountain Division,” said Maddie Anderson, Stefanik campaign spokeswoman. “Congresswoman Stefanik has delivered resources and results to ensure the safety and security of the men and women in uniform sent into harm’s way. Congresswoman Stefanik supports force protection and military intelligence capabilities to ensure our servicemembers and military commanders have the tools they need to mitigate hostile actions while they continue their important missions abroad.

“Taxin’ Tedra continues to do Adam Schiff’s and Nancy Pelosi’s bidding by spewing unsubstantiated and dangerous classified intelligence leaks, putting the lives of soldiers at risk. Taxin’ Tedra has no idea what she would do about Russia, refused to call Soleimani a terrorist, opposed all previous national defense bills, and her only articulated national security strategy is to use U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund soap operas in foreign countries for population control.”

Click here to see where Taxin’ Tedra laid out her soft power national security strategy to invest in soap operas to curb population growth.