Written by Russ Finely in the Watertown Daily Times on July 11, 2020

So you’re offended; honestly, isn’t everybody nowadays? That’s all we hear — this statement was offensive; that flag is offensive; that statue is offensive.

Apparently, even I’m offensive just because my date of birth makes me a boomer. I guess the offense of being a 55-year-old, white, heterosexual conservative far outweighs the fact that I have worked since Aug. 13, 1998, without a day off on my farm to feed roughly 100 families a year.

Therefore, since our political discourse has literally, pathetically, devolved into a “Seinfeld” episode on Festivus, I will start my political Festivus with the Airing of my Grievances and things I find offensive!

I’m offended that Tedra Cobb is offended by the moniker Taxin’ Tedra. Frankly, “sticks and stones”; but more importantly, “if the shoe fits”!

I’m offended that Tedra Cobb pushed a project labor agreement on the county jail, which cost county taxpayers not only an extra $660,000. She also covered up the fact the actual cost wasn’t $30 million; it was $41 million!

I’m offended that Tedra Cobb depleted our county’s fund balance and left us borrowing $2 million a year to stay afloat!

I’m offended that Tedra Cobb touts she passed the county’s ethics law. However, when seven charges were filed against a high-ranking Democrat, she shut down the investigation and made the complaint disappear.

I’m really offended that Tedra Cobb, a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, actually said our congresswoman and president were, “wiping their (insert word here) with the Constitution”!

I’m offended that Tedra Cobb — the epitome of the “woke,” “me too” woman — raised more than $2 million off her supporters calling our congresswoman “trashy”!

Finally, I’m offended that Tedra Cobb — who has a proven track record of taxing and decimating fund balances and desperately needs a job — actually believes all those negatives makes her a better choice than U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, who has a proven track record of helping our hospitals, supporting our farmers and small businesses, and truly defending our Constitution!

If you find the facts about Tedra Cobb as offensive as I do, please join me in voting for Elise Stefanik this November!

Russ Finley


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