Written by Harrison Francett for The Post Star on July 12, 2020


Every American should be terrified by the abuse of power and government overreach that has occurred over the last six months. Not to mention the lawlessness in major cities and the pandering to mob rule by politicians and corporations in a desperate attempt to be “woke.”

Americans should be proud of our history and growth as a nation. We’re lucky to be living in the greatest country in the world but we’re on the brink of a cultural war that will destroy everything. We are at our best when we come together, and that can’t be achieved with the anarchy being supported today by the Democrats.

Come November, do not forget the near-fascist behavior of state governments during the pandemic. We have allowed our governor to pick the winners and losers with no clarity or purpose. You can practice social-distancing in a Walmart or Lowe’s but not a small business? It is OK to protest but not open your business?

Ordering recovering patients into nursing homes against federal guidance proved deadly. Gov. Cuomo continues to flip-flop on the opening process, is drunk on power and devoid of logic and clarity, leaving small businesses in limbo and nearing the brink of extinction.

Open everything now, educate the public on recommended safeguards and the risks involved, then let the people decide what is best for themselves.

I’d like to thank Elise Stefanik for her hard work and results as a great representative for everyone in our District. One of the top 5% most bipartisan Congressional representatives and holding Gov. Cuomo to task. I also appreciate her support of our President, Donald J. Trump, to secure our borders, support our veterans, defend our liberties, grow our economy, lower taxes and stand strong for law and order in the face of mob rule.

Harrison Francett, Queensbury

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