Saratoga, NY: Local grassroots organizers, healthcare leaders, elected officials, first responders and law enforcement invited Congresswoman Stefanik to attend the event. She was proud to show support for hardworking law enforcement families. Cobb’s campaign top local supporters tried to shut down the event because of her disdain and opposition to law enforcement including threatening local fire departments who safely participated. Congresswoman Stefanik stands with local law enforcement and community leaders who safely organized the event, while Tedra Cobb supports defunding the police and encouraged her campaign supporters and staff to attack the law enforcement community who organized the parade and outdoor rally. St. Lawrence County voters know that not only has Taxin’ Tedra Cobb raised their taxes multiple times, but her campaign is now attacking dedicated local law enforcement officers and their families. This is why Anti-Police Taxin’ Tedra is going to lose St. Lawrence County by an even bigger margin in 2020 than her historic embarrassment in 2018.