Written by Claire Pelletier-Hoblock in The Post Star on July 21, 2020


Elise Stefanik is a proud supporter of our nation’s police officers despite recent events that have occurred in America. Since the murder of George Floyd, Democrats have been working tirelessly to defund the police thinking that it will solve the problem of police brutality. In reality, the only thing that the Democrats’ partisan bill will do is prohibit law enforcement officers from doing their job effectively.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Stefanik is working to pass the JUSTICE Act which would improve police-community relations. This would include an increase in transparency and accountability in police forces. It also supports the ban of no-knock warrants and deadly holds like the chokehold. Elise’s act builds on President Donald Trump’s executive order on police reform, which Stefanik calls “an important first step.” Stefanik’s opponent, Tedra Cobb, supports the House Democrats’ bill that will prevent officers from doing their job correctly, deprive them of necessary equipment, and have a negative impact on public safety.

Elise’s acts have shown that she cares about our police officers and will put in the effort to get the appropriate funds needed for law enforcement agencies to have the best practices. The North Country needs Elise to stand up for our law enforcement officers so they can continue to do their job and keep everyone safe. We applaud Elise for her efforts in supporting the officers in the North Country and across the nation.

Claire Pelletier-Hoblock, Schuylerville

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