July 30, 2020

Jefferson County: Today, 150 Jefferson County elected officials from every town in the county endorsed Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for re-election to Congress.

These endorsements highlight the strong bipartisan, grassroots support for Congresswoman Stefanik across Jefferson County and the North Country as a whole. Congresswoman Stefanik works hard to earn each and every vote from voters who recognize her strong bipartisan record and hyper-focus on local issues and real results.

“I am pleased to announce my endorsement of our great Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s reelection bid this November,” said Scott Gray (R), Chairman, Board of Legislators. “Of the many wins Elise has delivered for the North Country, I am particularly grateful for her unmatched support for our veterans, our troops, and Fort Drum. Elise has saved thousands of jobs, delivered key resources, funding, and has been the most successful advocate for our troops I’ve ever seen. She is our North Country fighter who has been available 24/7, proving herself during the COVID crisis in particular as the only choice in this race and I look forward to working with her across the next two years.”

“Congresswoman Elise Stefanik most certainly has my endorsement for her reelection this November,” said Tim Scee (D), Town Supervisor, Hounsfeild. “Her strong and independent record puts her well ahead of the competition and proves both her willingness and ability to work with anyone, from either side of the aisle, in order to deliver results for the North Country. She is all parts accessible, conscientious, and caring, and I look forward to all that she can achieve in her next term.”

“There is only one choice in the race for NY-21’s Congressional seat – Elise Stefanik – and I am proud to endorse her again this cycle,” said Jeffrey Smith (R), Mayor, City of Watertown. “Elise has proven to be the best advocate for our North Country values, standing up for law enforcement, supporting our troops, and delivering unprecedented aid for our military families and veterans. She has been instrumental in working to keep our small business community afloat during these unprecedented times and is never more than a phone call away. I can’t imagine anyone better to represent us in Congress. I look forward to her resounding victory in the fall.

 “I’m grateful for the support and endorsement of each of these 150 local elected officials and community leaders in Jefferson County,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “I work with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents in the North Country in order to achieve real, bipartisan results for our region, and I am ranked in the top 5% most bipartisan Members of Congress. Taxin’ Tedra works only with Democrats, supports Governor Cuomo no matter what, and is a Pelosi parrot. I work hard to ensure the North Country has a seat at the table on the federal level and will work with anyone to get things done and achieve real results.”

The full list of 150 Jefferson County local elected officials is below:

Gizzelle Meeks, County Clerk, Jefferson County

Robert Cantwell III, County Legislator, District 1

William Johnson, County Legislator, District 2

Philip Reed, County Legislator, District 3

Michael Montigelli, County Legislator, District 5

Daniel McBride, County Legislator, District 6

John Peck, County Legislator, District 7

James Nabywaniec, County Legislator, District 8

Patrick Jareo, County Legislator, District 9

Jeremiah Maxon, County Legislator, District 10

Robert Ferris, County Legislator, District 11

Frances Calarco, County Legislator, District 12

Scott Gray, County Legislator, District 13

Corey Y. Grant, County Legislator, District 14

Anthony Doldo, County Legislator, District 15

David Kellogg, Town Supervisor, Adams

Brent Sweet, Town Supervisor, Alexandria

Richard Lane, Town Supervisor, Brownville

Edward Bender, Town Supervisor, Cape Vincent

Lance Peterson, Town Supervisor, Clayton

Bruce Ferguson, Town Supervisor, Champion

Douglas Shelmidine, Town Supervisor, Ellisburg

Ed Glaser, Town Supervisor, Henderson

Timothy Scee, Town Supervisor, Hounsfield

Scott Allen, Town Supervisor, Pamelia

Deborah Lamora, Town Supervisor, Philadelphia

Lisa C. Worden, Town Supervisor, Rodman

Gary Eddy, Town Supervisor, Rutland

Steven Marcinkowski, Town Supervisor, Theresa

Joel Bartlett, Town Supervisor, Watertown

Anthony Tubolino, Town Supervisor, Worth

John Shaw, Town Supervisor, Antwerp

Jeffery Smith, City Mayor, Watertown

Philip Chatterton, Village Mayor, Village of Adams

Patrick Connor, Village Mayor, Village of Brownville

Jerry Golden, Village Mayor, Village of Cape Vincent

Janet Zando, Village Mayor, Village of Deferiet

James Eves, Village Mayor, Village of Dexter

James Matthews, Village Mayor, Village Ellisburg

Robert Boucher, Village Mayor, Village of Evans Mills

James Pelton, Village Mayor, Village of Mannsville

Eric Constance, Village Mayor, Village of Sackets Harbor

Matthew Montroy, Village Mayor, Village of Philadelphia

Stephen Macaulay, Village Mayor, Village of Glen Park

Cathy Behling, Deputy Supervisor, Adams

George Moulton, Town Council Member, Adams

Robert Storms, Town Council Member, Adams

Mary Lou Knapp, Town Clerk, Adams

Terry Babcock, Highway Superintendent, Adams

John Stine, Town Council Member, Alexandria

Michael Fayette, Town Council Member, Alexandria

Sandy Caputo, Town Council Member, Alexandria

Ronald G. Thompson, Town Council Member, Alexandria

Jessy Hudon, Town Clerk, Alexandria

Edward Tibbles, Highway Superintendent, Alexandria Bay

Brad Millett, Village Trustee, Alexandria Bay

Lynne Altmann, Village Trustee, Antwerp

Dale Davidson, Village Trustee, Antwerp

Amy Cole, Town Clerk, Antwerp

Francis Dishaw, Village Trustee, Black River

Leo Thompson, Village Trustee, Village of Brownville

Michael Walrath, Village Trustee, Village of Brownville

Steve Mott, Village Trustee, Village of Brownville

June McCartin, Town Clerk, Town of Brownville

Kenneth Bates, Town Council Member, Town of Brownville

Roy Gilchrist, Highway Superintendent, Town of Brownville

Pamela Youngs, Village Trustee, Cape Vincent

Louis Waite, Town Council Member, Champion

Matthew Gump, Town Council Member, Champion

Karen Fitzgerald, Village Clerk, Village of Chaumont

Megan Badour, Town Clerk-Collector, Clayton

Kenneth Knapp, Town Council Member, Clayton

Donna Patchen, Town Council Member, Clayton

Steven Badour, Village Trustee, Village of Clayton

Joe Cook, Deputy Mayor, Village of Deferiet

Stephen Smith, Village Trustee, Village of Deferiet

Anna Peck, Village Trustee, Village of Deferiet

Bruce Nutting, Deputy Mayor, Village of Dexter

Gregory Lake, Village Trustee, Village of Ellisburg

Donald Goodnough, Town Council Member, Ellisburg

Debra L. Payne, Town Clerk, Ellisburg

Bryan Flagg, Town Council Member, Henderson

Wendy Flagg, Town Clerk, Henderson

Carol Hall, Town Council, Henderson

Stanley Hall, Highway Superintendent, Henderson

Carson Lennox, Town Council Member, Hounsfield

Todd Farrington, Highway Superintendent, Hounsfield

Lee Carpenter, Town Council Member, LeRay

John Eisenhauer, Town Council Member, LeRay

Samuel Biondolillo, Town Council Member, LeRay

Mary Smith, Town Clerk, LeRay

Daniel Young, Highway Superintendent, LeRay

Gordon Hutton, Town Council Member, Lorraine

Karen Peebles, Town Council Member, Lorraine

Joseph Wasilewsky, Highway Superintendent, Lorraine

Daniel Villa, Town Council Member, Lyme

Tammy J. Donnelly, Town Clerk, Orleans

Robert Black Jr., Highway Superintendent, Orleans

Lisa Brenon, Town Council Member, Pamelia

Kenneth Hart, Town Council Member, Pamelia

Grace Pruitt, Town Council Member, Pamelia

Rusty Vantassel, Town Council Member, Pamelia

Gwen E. Call, Town Clerk, Pamelia

Bruce Call, Highway Superintendent, Pamelia

Michael Freeman, Highway Superintendent, Philadelphia

Lester Berghorn, Town Council Member, Rutland

Clarence Woodruff, Town Council Member, Rutland

Logan Eddy, Town Council Member, Rutland

Ken Gleason, Town Council Member, Rutland

Claude Phelps, Highway Superintendent, Rutland

Brian Tanner, Fire Commissioner Chair, Rutland

Charles Folsom, Town Council Member, Theresa

Darren Edgar, Town Council Member, Theresa

Mark Savage, Highway Superintendent, Theresa

Kim A. Delles, Town Clerk, Theresa

Joanne McClusky, Town Council Member, Watertown

David Prosser, Town Council Member, Watertown

Timothy McAtee, Town Council Member, Watertown

Paul Desormo, Town Council Member, Watertown

Pamela D. Desormo, Town Clerk, Watertown

Bruce Rohr, Highway Superintendent, Watertown

Shari Gerber, Town Council Member, Wilna

John Bice, Town Council Member, Worth

Jessica Patrick, Town Council Member, Worth

Nancy Bice, Town Council Member, Worth

Katelyn Macklen, Town Clerk, Worth

Philip Chatterton, Village Mayor, Village of Adams

Mark Pacella, Village Trustee, Village of Adams

Todd Race, Village Trustee, Village of Adams

Keith Perry, Village Trustee, Village of Adams

Lory Cobb, Village Trustee, Village of Adams

Robert Washer, Village Trustee, Village of Glen Park

Christopher Love, Village Trustee, Village of Theresa

Tara Leeson, Village Clerk, Village of Theresa

Scott Burto, Village Mayor, Village of West Carthage

Rob Peluso, Village Trustee, Village of West Carthage

James Smith, Village Trustee, Village of West Carthage

Barbara Boulton, Deputy Village Mayor, Village of Sackets Harbor

James Bray, Village Trustee, Village of Sackets Harbor

Daniel Frechette, Village Trustee, Village of Sackets Harbor

Philip Fay, Village Trustee, Village of Sackets Harbor

Sarah Compo, City Council Member, City of Watertown

Jesse Roshia, City Council Member, City of Watertown

Lisa Ruggiero, City Council Member, City of Watertown

Arthur Baderman, Town Council Member, Rodman

Stewart Tamblin, Town Council Member, Rodman

Jacob Bull, Town Council Member, Rodman

Vance Carpenter, Town Council Member, Rodman

Dale Tamblin, Highway Superintendent, Rodman

Jamie Ackley, Town Clerk, Rodman