Written by Jon R. Stead for The Leader Herald on August 3, 2020

If you have read the “letters to the editor” section in recent weeks, you have seen the same half-dozen or so people penning letters over and over attacking Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. It is clear that they are all following the same page of unoriginal talking points they were provided by some central political organization. “Shampoo- rinse- repeat.” Over and over, the same tired talking points of attack politics.

It would be much more convincing if these writers would cite something their candidate has accomplished with some specific examples. If Tedra Cobb is more than an

“empty glass,” then write specifics about who she is, what she stands for and about something she has actually done, not vague generalities.

To me, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik seems to be consistently working in the mainstream as she goes about her business representing our congressional district residents. She is bright, energetic and articulate, and is a good role model for young men and women who might aspire to hold public office. She shows herself to be acutely aware that we don’t need more polarizing rhetoric on the national political scene and she steers clear of veering into the far left ditch or far right ditch. There is no denying that Stefanik has a strong understanding of the issues. Anyone who talks with her for more than a minute will walk away impressed.

Based upon anything I have read or heard, it’s clear that Elise Stefanik represents her district well. She deserves to be re-elected.



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