Written by Avery Bower in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise on August 10, 2020

I am repeatedly in awe at Elise Stefanik’s bipartisanship. It is part of what makes her such a great representative. As a New York Republican, I believe first and foremost in electing a representative who will work across the aisle. In a blue state, it is important to work with colleagues to make sure all of New York benefits.

Whether that means voting against her party or working across the aisle, Elise Stefanik has always been a committed bipartisan. She was ranked the 14th most bipartisan member in Congress. But what others in Congress think of her only matters so much to me.

I really care about how many local politicians — those intimately familiar with our communities — and their collective vote of confidence matters most to me. Over 100 elected officials in St. Lawrence County have endorsed her. Republicans, Democrats and independents from every town in the county. The same goes for Saratoga County and every county across our district.

These are the endorsements that matter to me and that should matter to you. Independents and Democrats have endorsed a Republican, Elise Stefanik, because they have faith in her bipartisanship and her ability to deliver. Stefanik is not a partisan; she’s a champion for every single person in the North County. Our local leaders see that, too, and that is why they have endorsed her.

Avery Bower


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