Saratoga: Today, the Stefanik campaign launched the updated website: This new website will inform North Country voters about Taxin’ Tedra Cobb’s dangerous, radical policy positions that she has tried to hide from voters.

“Voters deserve to know where candidates stand on key issues like taxes, 2nd Amendment, Medicare-for-All, national security, and who they support for President. Taxin’ Tedra Cobb continues to hide her Far-Left positions and radical record from North Country voters,” said Stefanik spokeswoman Maddie Anderson. “Despite Taxin’ Tedra’s attempt to hide her real positions from voters and refusing to answer questions from the media, she cannot hide from her multiple gaffes and past positions. From saying she wants a gun ban and lying to voters about it, to supporting Medicare for All for illegal immigrants and frantically deleting it from her website, or most recently, Taxin’ Tedra’s stunning silence and refusal to say whether she supports the Biden-Harris ticket or Nancy Pelosi for Speaker  — we look forward to continuing to expose the truth to North Country voters.”