Saratoga: Already today, Taxin’ Tedra Cobb released a new veterans plan that literally copies and steals legislation that Congresswoman Stefanik wrote, passed, and was signed into law by President Trump in the FY18 National Defense Authorization Act. When Taxin’ Tedra isn’t stealing bills that Elise already got signed into law, she blatantly copies Elise Stefanik’s record that she has spent the last six years working tirelessly on for our North Country Veterans.

Taxin’ Tedra says:


Elise has Actually Delivered:

  1. Veteran Treatment Court Legislation Signed into law by President Trump
    1. Congresswoman Stefanik’s bipartisan legislation, the Veteran Treatment Court Coordination Act, was signed into law by President Trump. The Veteran Treatment Court Coordination Act gives veterans who commit non-violent crimes while transitioning to civilian life a chance at rehabilitation.
  2. Bipartisan cosponsor of H.R. 5579 – Veteran Suicide Prevention Act. This legislation will provide updated reporting on veteran suicides to allow for more directed care to our veterans.
  3. Bipartisan cosponsor of H.R.4817 – VA Directly Returning Opioid Prescriptions Act which helps take unused opioids out of veterans homes by providing a safe place to dispose of them.
  4. Bipartisan cosponsors of H.R.3495 – The Improve Well-Being for Veterans which provides needed grants for suicide prevention
  5. Bipartisan cosponsor of, H.R.95 – Homeless Veteran Families Act which increases funding to care for homeless veterans caring for children.