September 30, 2020

Saratoga: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has been endorsed by 810 local elected officials in all 12 counties in NY-21, including Republicans, Independents, and over 50 Democrats. Find each list from all 12 counties below.

“I’m overwhelmed by the historic support for my re-election campaign, and thrilled by the overwhelming energy on the ground for our campaign going into the final stretch,” said Stefanik. “I’m grateful to each of these 810 local elected officials across the North Country for their endorsement, including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Working with each of these elected officials to deliver real results to their towns, villages, and counties is a privilege and an honor. I’m excited to continue my bipartisan work securing critical wins for our region in my next term in Congress. On to victory in November!”

“I am proud to be one of over 800 local officials endorsing our great Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s reelection bid this November,” said Scott Gray (R), Chairman, Board of Legislators, Jefferson County. “Elise has always been there for the North Country on countless occasions and we are particularly grateful for her support of our veterans, our troops who are friends and neighbors, and of the Fort Drum Military Installation where she has saved thousands of jobs and delivered key resources and funding. She is our North Country fighter who has been available 24/7, proving herself during the COVID crisis in particular as the only choice in this race and I look forward to working with her across the next two years.”

“I am glad to be one of 810 local elected officials supporting our Congresswoman and the best candidate in this race, Elise Stefanik, for reelection this November,” said Warren Greene (R), Chairman, Board of Supervisors, Fulton County. “We’ve been very fortunate to work with such a hands on and proactive partner at the federal level, especially one who stands up for and reflects our Fulton County and Upstate values like Elise.”

“As one of over 800 officials across the North Country, I am fervently endorsing Congresswoman Stefanik this November because of her dedication and commitment to our community, her efforts to support our veterans, support for the environment, healthcare, and education, and her strong record of results and funding for Lake Champlain,” said Shaun Gilliland (R), Town Supervisor of Willsboro, and Chairman of the Essex County Board of Supervisors. “During the entirety of the COVID-19 crisis, Elise has been there for us – our voice in Washington and our closest most stringent ally. 24/7, she has been just a phone call away from immediate assistance and partnership with local government to ensure we have the resources and tools to keep our North Country citizens safe, and our economic recovery secure. Elise is the best example of a great American public servant. The North Country is blessed to have a representative who works with all parties and all points of view to get so much done for the benefit of our district.”

St. Lawrence County

Essex County

Saratoga County

Jefferson County

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Warren County

Lewis County

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