October 5, 2020

Saratoga: Today, Elise for Congress announced the campaign raised over $3 million in Q3 of 2020 and has over $4 million on hand for re-election in the final stretch. The campaign is looking forward to a decisive victory on November 3rd.

“Thank you to my supporters across the North Country and across America for your overwhelming support for my re-election campaign,” said Stefanik. “I am humbled by your generosity and continued grassroots excitement for our campaign, which is based on Real Results for our district, not the radical policies from Far-Left candidates like Taxin’ Tedra, whose values are out of touch with our region. I am excited to continue criss-crossing the district in the final stretch to meet with voters — Republicans, Independents, and Democrats. I’m looking forward to a decisive victory in just 29 days!”

Q3 fundraising facts:

2020 cycle fundraising facts: