October 21, 2020

Plattsburgh: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik just delivered a decisive win in tonight’s final NY-21 debate on NBC5 Plattsburgh. Stefanik and her opponent were scheduled for a third debate on Spectrum News Albany, but Tedra Cobb cancelled that debate and accused Spectrum News of bias, depriving voters all across the district from watching the only district-wide debate.

“Tonight’s final NY-21 debate clearly showed voters the vast contrast between Taxin’ Tedra Cobb and I,” said Stefanik. “Voters watching this debate know that while I stand for our North Country values and work tirelessly to secure and deliver results to our communities, my opponent is a part of the radical, Far-Left Resistance and would be a Pelosi parrot in Congress. We covered a wide range of topics tonight important to North Country families: the Second Amendment, healthcare, COVID relief, court packing, Cuomo’s bail reform, and more. NY-21 voters know that I am a top advocate for our military and veterans, while Tedra Cobb smears them. I have worked to lower costs and improve quality of healthcare for North Country families, while Tedra Cobb supports a government takeover of healthcare and is now trying to hide from her own record. Tonight’s debate demonstrated my commitment to my district and the issues that matter to my constituents, and I’m looking forward to a decisive victory in just 13 days.”