By Nancy K. Martin

I am proud to stand with U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik as she once again takes the national stage to defend our constitutional rights.

Rep. Stefanik was one of the first to condemn what happened on the U.S. Capitol grounds. I, too, am appalled at what happened on Jan. 6 and with the looting and rioting that happened last summer in cities across the country. The right to vote is sacred. Our election process is prescribed and protected by the U.S. Constitution. Many Americans have lost confidence with the integrity of our electoral system.

Regarding our recent election, questions remain unanswered and, therefore, require further investigation and exploration. There is concern that the 2020 election did indeed include unprecedented voting irregularities in some parts of the country.

For example, it is clear that the Constitution requires state legislatures (or state legislators) to set election law. As we saw in the 2020 election, judges, governors and secretaries of state usurped upon their state legislatures’ authority and made serious changes to election law. This issue needs to be debated and discussed.

If the American people are going to begin to regain trust in our elections, there must be transparency. Rep. Stefanik continues to seek transparency.

On another note, shame on Harvard University for removing Rep. Stefanik from the Senior Advisory Committee of the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School. Thank you, Rep. Stefanik, for continuing to be a champion for the Constitution and the north county.

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