By: Joe Gray

Most of us watched in horror as the Jan. 6 events unfolded at the U.S. Capitol and wondered how any sane person can get that worked up over politics.

But then again, reading your Jan. 8 editorial (Our View, “Fanning the flames: Trump and Stefanik laid foundation for assault on Congress”) and the almost daily screeds some of your readers direct at U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, one has to conclude that such delusional views aren’t that uncommon after all.

The Watertown Daily Times editorial board and too many of your readers must walk around with pockets full of zip ties hoping they one day meet Rep. Stefanik in person so they can punish her for accurately representing the views of the vast majority of her constituents.

In case you and your rabid dog readers hadn’t noticed, Rep. Stefanik once again took Tedra Cobb to the political woodshed and soundly beat her left wing behind. She has done it twice so far, and now Cobb says she’s forming a political action committee to raise more money from her radical leftist friends in places like Hollywood. I’m sure much of that money will target Elise in 2022.

Your editorial board and the loonies who try to excoriate Rep. Stefanik for working with and supporting President Donald Trump are missing one very large, looming, persistent point: Donald Trump has twice won the support of the majority of voters in the 21st Congressional District.

It only makes sense that Elise would stick with a president who is in her own party and is the favored choice of NY-21 voters. Frankly, she would be politically foolish to do otherwise.

And she’s right about the election inconsistencies in a number of locations. They may not have been widespread, but they were pernicious and clearly organized by Democrats.

So now we sit back and see how much damage Lyin’ Joe Biden and the Loony Left can do to our country. Trump is no doubt a prevaricator of the first degree, but Biden has a 50-year history of lying when the truth would serve him better. I won’t hold my breath waiting for the Times and the other soon-to-be-obsolete media to remind us of that history or of his rudderless plans to make America second class again.

I won’t cancel my subscription. I’ll just sit back and watch the paper likely deteriorate and eventually cease to exist. How can it do anything else when it is so out of touch with NY-21 voters?

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