By David H. Ellis

Why do I love living in the North Country? It sure ain’t the six months of winter weather. I love living in the North Country because it’s the most conservative part of New York State, where wholesome values still rule despite some who want to turn St. Lawrence County “Democrat Blue”.Why do I support Elise Stefanik as my legitimately-elected Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives? Because she fights! She fights for our traditional values. She fights for the right to life. She fights for our area’s military members and veterans. She fights for my Constitutional rights, and she fights against injustice like the fraudulent results that propelled an illegitimately-elected candidate into the highest office in the land.

Thank you, Congresswoman Stefanik, for standing with the small group of courageous, patriotic Senators and representatives who stood up to cry “foul” after the most disgusting display of cheating ever in a national election.

Although the lame stream, zero credibility media networks, along with the dishonest “big tech” operators of several social media platforms, refused to report the facts, and shutdown opposing views that cited thousands of cases of voter fraud, voter machine manipulation, and illegal ballot harvesting and tampering, the majority of American citizens saw through the charade.

We The People are “wide awake” now and will not let it happen again. We will re-group and recruit even larger numbers of freedom-loving Americans from all walks of life, and all ethnicities, who are fed up with being talked down to by the propaganda-spewing, bought-and-paid-for, so-called “journalists” who have failed miserably in upholding their sacred duty as the nation’s “fourth estate”. (DuckDuckGo the history of that term.) Even though we will fight enemies on all sides our cause is a righteous one and we will prevail in the end.

Elise Stefanik cleaned her opponent’s clock, again, in the November election. Donald Trump did the same thing in his race against Clueless Joe. The only difference was: “the fix was in” by those who hate the man, and what he stands for, more than they love America. President Trump is right: the Washington DC swamp is in desperate need of draining! Pull that plug, Elise.

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