By Ted Totten

I watched the inauguration of President Joseph Biden and listened to his call for unity of all Americans.

Nice to hear; I wondered if he really meant it.

We will find out shortly.

But mostly, it seemed a relief to think that those of us interested in politics would be able to enjoy a much-needed break from divisive election battles.

The Democrats won; the animus that plagued our dysfunctional political system would settle down, at least for a little while.

So it was distressing to see, on Inauguration day, a nasty defamation ad played during the WWNY-TV/7News evening news, slandering our 21st Congressional District Rep. Elise Stefanik.

The Lincoln Project, a “Republican” national not-for-profit super-PAC, took responsibility for the ad, essentially blaming Elise for the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

This super-PAC has a sketchy reputation and was recently recognized for spending 89% of its donations on “operating expenses.”

You may have seen Rick Wilson, one of the founders, laughing and calling Trump supporters, “rubes” on CNN.

Why should a national super-PAC be defaming Elise on Inauguration Day?

Oh, I remember, never let a crisis go to waste. A popular Democratic concept.

Elise has done much to positively represent her constituents in the 21st Congressional District and has been recognized for her bipartisan congressional voting record.

She also has encouraged and supported women to run for office in the 2020 election with remarkably positive results. She is an avid defender of Fort Drum.

I stand with Elise.

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