By George King 

TO THE EDITOR: It is time for the liberals in the North Country to get a life. Their messiah (President Biden) has been duly enthroned, Trump impeached and, Tedra lost by almost 20 points.

For the last two years we have been bombarded with articles in the Press-Republican that are nothing more than liberal editorials posing as news, editorials that lean so left my newspaper slips off the desk and whining letters concerning Congresswoman Stefanik’s actions/nonactions. She has been continuously excoriated for following her party’s lead, as if Tedra would have done otherwise if elected.

An average day saw 2-3 of these letters. These have been nothing more than ad hominem attacks using the pet peeve of the week. It is interesting that they are all written in college level prose. These letters also included cherry-picked research.

During the election and recently, these letters became mean-spirited and were all written with the aim of electing Tedra Cobb. Well, Tedra lost, so the letters did no good.

The Republican in Press Republican doesn’t connote conservative. It really doesn’t represent the conservative readers in the North Country.

So, the election is over, Biden won, Trump lost, Tedra lost, Elise won, and the letters didn’t work. So please stop the whining letters, left leaning editorials and articles, and let Congresswoman Stefanik get back to doing what she does best: representing the whole 21st Congressional District.

Please, please, go back to high-school civics class, get a life, and give it a rest.

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