By Win Belanger

Fair and equal treatment. The Press-Republican is the hometown paper of three North Country counties. I have subscribed for many years and remain loyal, so you would think I could be treated with respect and fairness within their rules.

Many times people have seen my letters of controversy and support for my elected representatives. Many times over the years I have been asked by past editors like Lois Clermont and those who followed to knock off one to five words to be within the 300 rule. I did.

So this past year in the hatred that has developed with no end in sight, I am angered and appalled that so many get away with abusing the system. Most recently, a well-known Democratic activist from Keene, Katie Wilson, in the Jan. 25 edition was able to spew out 474 words. While mostly hateful, counting title and name, she got it all in print.

Elise Stefanik is the best congresswoman in the nation, and she represents all of the North Country with honor. I will continue to pay my monthly fee as I still live in the dream that we are a country of laws and certainly rules. Perhaps our infamous former retired reporter, having returned as editor can find the flaw in his system and balance the scales. Unity comes when one side finds the path to sharing and through equal treatment.

I rest at 246 words counting header, name and town.

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