By Lois Gunning 

TO THE EDITOR:As I read some of the letters to the editor in the papers, I am saddened at the vitriol that comes through the writings of many. It seems that the answer to all our difficulties lies in tearing down, blaming and punishing those that we do not agree with.

Some mention shame; those seeking revenge are the ones to feel shame.

President Trump has been harassed from before his inauguration, every moment of the last four years and into his future. It is not enough for him to exit the presidency; Nancy Pelosi and others want revenge; revenge for what?

Is it revenge for his winning in 2016, revenge for not being one of them or playing their games, revenge for having supporters and getting millions of votes or revenge for his unbending will.

Or is it because America had four years of better prosperity, more jobs, higher wages, no new war, military coming home, a limit on China’s grasp and a peaceful North Korea.

The local papers have been inundated with letters degrading Elise Stefanik for her support of President Trump and for exerting her constitutional right of objection to authorization of the electoral votes.

Doesn’t Elise have the same right as you to support whom she chooses? Just because you do not agree is no reason to berate her. Ms. Stefanik, Ted Cruz and the 15 others must stand firm and strong for the preservation of the constitution as the radical left is bent on tearing it apart.

I am a part of the silent majority who elected President Trump and Elise Stefanick We have supported them quietly in the background. We do not condone violence as violence changes behavior only temporarily and incites the rabbid avengers. We are not ignorant or ill informed.

President Trump and Elise Stefanik deserve the gratitude of all of America and history may prove the silent majority is correct.

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