By Joe Strang

Finally, someone is sticking up for the North Country and fighting back against King Cuomo and his bullies! Although this is long overdue, it is time for all of us to urge our New York state representatives to follow in Congresswoman Stefanik’s footsteps and stand up and demand equal rights and justice for the North Country! For too long the North Country has been pushed around and forgotten, and I believe I speak for most of us when I say we have had it. We have lost our favorite small businesses in our local towns, our jobs in prisons and now our seniors in nursing homes. And who’s to blame?

With Cuomo’s ever-expanding powers and a fully controlled Democrat government, New York has turned into a haven for unchecked power. It’s time for those who call themselves Republicans to stand up and support Elise in her efforts! We have already seen Cuomo and his staff go after Elise and others who speak out, like Janice Dean, so we must do this together!

Rep. Stefanik, we support you! Please continue to fight and ignore all these attacks of people who can’t see everything you’ve done for our district!

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