By Ian Clark

I want to commend U.S. Rep. Stefanik for calling out the Biden administration!

Let me first start by saying that I have some serious concerns about President Joe Biden’s first few weeks in office.

Consider the ridiculous amount of executive orders he signed off on.

Couple this with prioritizing Guantanamo Bay terrorists for the vaccine before our first-responders and seniors.

Then he proposed a $1.9 trillion spending bill that even Larry Summers said is triple what we actually need and will lead to an overheated economy.

We’re going to need our federal representatives to hold him and his administration accountable!

We have already seen what unchecked, one party rule power has done to New York, now we are about to see it on the national stage.

Elise has a powerful voice on the national stage, and she is using it to express the opinions of the residents in her district.

Keep up the good work, Congresswoman Stefanik!

We’re cheering you on.

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