By Mary Brown

I support Elise Stefanik’s decision to object to contested electors. I think every politician should be concerned about voting irregularities and unconstitutional overreach by state officials, example signature matching requirements. Every citizen of America should be concerned that the integrity of our elections remain intact. It’s common sense that mail in ballots are conducive to widespread fraud. We have to produce ID to buy certain items at the store.

Why don’t we have to provide ID to vote? It’s not about Trump versus Biden or Democrat versus Republican. It’s about ensuring fair and secure elections for all generations to come. It’s about not allowing unconstitutional overreach to be tolerated.

To allege that Elise Stefanik is complicit in the crimes of those who stormed the capital smacks of hypocrisy as there have been several politicians that have supported the violent riots for the last several months.,

For example: Ayanna Pressley, “there needs to be unrest in the streets”; Kamala Harris, “protesters should not let up”; Maxine Walter “create a crowd and push back on them.” Why aren’t we calling for their resignation and/or impeachment?

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