By Rita Swain

Elise Stefanik represents all North Country residents, and consistently strives for policies that benefit us and if not directly, at least are not a detriment to us. Elise is right to take on Cuomo.

Up to 1000 or more residents, not only constituents, lost loved ones due to the Cuomo nursing home policy. The Governor could have owned it, and reversed it for a better plan, but he attempted a cover-up while a compliant and fawning media looked the other way.

I remind you that Cuomo got everything he asked for from President Trump, and did not make wise use of any of it, instead whining that he got nothing.

Cuomo mandated closures of schools and businesses, and the wearing of masks. He also could have directed elderly Covid patients to the USS Comfort and the Javits Center (both grossly underused) rather than insisting they be sent to nursing homes, causing unnecessary virus spread and death.

He had other choices, and he clearly made bad ones. Elise is calling him out on that, because some of her constituents lost loved ones as a result. They were somebody’s parents, grandparents, siblings.

I support Elise for many reasons, and they include making Fort Drum and our nation’s military a priority. Elise secured Covid funds to keep North Country hospitals open, and spoke out to keep our ventilators here when Cuomo threatened to take them by force it’d necessary.

Elise supports the preservation of local history, keeping North Country prisons open, and works with locals for a solution to the issue of seaway water levels. Elise provides a wide array of support for women in small businesses or seeking office.

Elise Stefanik has delivered positive results for the North Country since day one.

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