March 9th, 2021 By Trent Baker

Tuesday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) addressed the efforts to impeach New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) for his nursing home coronavirus cover-up and sexual harassment accusations.

Stefanik, who has called on Cuomo to resign over his scandals, said Cuomo’s nursing home cover-up is a “federal crime and an obstruction of justice.” She called on Democratic lawmakers in New York to join the Republicans to start impeachment proceedings.

“[Cuomo] has earned [the title of worst governor in America],” Stefanik stated. “Governor Cuomo has been enveloped by multiple scandals. First, you have the nursing home scandal and the cover-up, which I believe is … a federal crime and an obstruction of justice. You had his most-senior aide admit to withholding information from the Department of Justice when they requested information on the numbers of deaths. And we now know that it’s over 15,000 vulnerable seniors who died because of Governor Cuomo’s nursing home edict forcing positive-COVID patients into nursing homes.”

She continued, “You also have thesexual-harassment scandals. Not one, not two, but five women have come forward and have shared personal, horrific experiences of the sexual abuse, sexual harassment and sexual grooming. It’s not just Republicans who are speaking out for his resignation. It’s Democrats as well, Ainsley. And if they really want to take action on behalf of everyday New Yorkers, they need to join Republicans in starting impeachment proceedings.”

Stefanik went on to point out that Cuomo has called for other elected officials to resign for much worse.

“He’s not following his own words,” she added.

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