By Ben Smith (Warrensburg)

I’ve written here before… If anyone read my last two letters you’d know what I am talking about. I told you so!

Cuomo the hero — no, not really. We’re in a society now that demands instant gratification and that mindset turned a total failure into a hero.

Today I saw a headline in this paper that read something to the effect of job growth proves stimulus is needed. Well no, an open economy is needed. Go ahead and talk to local medical professionals right here in our area and you’ll see they basically call BS on the whole COVID-19 situation as it is right now.

Maybe it’s time we all just stop the stupidity and go on with our maskless life when we were enjoying it! Really stop and think, are we happy?

I’d also like to add that I’ve read so much negative press on our own Elise. Well, for the people who still buy this paper, she was elected locally by us. That means unless the election here was compromised, she is our gal!

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