March 16, 2021 By Staff Report

WASHINGTON, D.C. | New bipartisan legislation now looks to help rural homeowners with tax credits for the purchase of mobile hotspots or signal boosters needed to connect to internet services or establish faster connection speeds.

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik cosponsored the Broadening Online Opportunities through Simple Technologies (BOOST) Act introduced by Rep. John Moolenaar, which looks to help homeowners claim a $300 tax credit for purchases such as mobile hotspots and signal boosters.

The credit would be available to homeowners who live in rural areas where they cannot connect to the Internet or where Internet speeds do not currently meet federal requirements.

“The COVID pandemic has highlighted that it is essential that rural regions like the North Country have greater access to reliable broadband connection. I am proud to cosponsor this bipartisan solution that would make internet access more affordable.” Stefanik said in a March 15 statement announcing the bill.

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