March 17, 2021 By Molly Criscitello

Our representative has (once) been identified as one of the most bipartisan members in all of congress. Elise has the ability and experience to understand legislation and the good it can do in our district. Elise has consistently worked across the aisle, and according to the Lugar Center, a bipartisan index, Congresswoman Stefanik has become more bipartisan (14th in 2020).

The legislation that is currently being pushed by the Speaker of the House and the majority in Congress, is not bipartisan. Isn’t that odd for a party that is calling for unity? On recent votes, our elected officials have only voted on party lines. This says a lot. Partisan votes mean that the party in power is not attempting to foster unity or bipartisanship, but rather their political agenda. Now, before Democrats start to dismiss this fact, it is important to note that under the former president, the House was able to pass bipartisan COVID relief. However, now partisan politics is parading around as COVID relief.

Elise keeps being a beacon for bipartisanship. Her colleagues on the other side of the isle should take note.

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