By Shamus Mulderry

Since December, our representatives have been silent, but not Elise.
I think we must take a moment to recognize Rep. Stefanik for her unwavering effort to hold Cuomo accountable. Elise has been consistent, strong and determined to uncover the truth.
Elise has consistently held Gov. Cuomo accountable when all others did not. U.S. Sen. Kristin Gillibrand until very recently remained silent on the six sexual harassment allegations Cuomo has accumulated over the past month. In fact, it took a full investigation by New York’s attorney general for some  Democrat lawmakers to even speak up. On Elise‘s record, Elise has proven that she will never bow to the leftist mob and do what must be done to support her district. Keep it up, Congresswoman Stefanik. Cuomo must be held accountable.

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