By Dan Ward

After reading the simplistic letter titled“Being a stickler for truth,”I feel the author should check her sources prior to besmirching the fine representative of District 21! It sure seems that the self-proclaimed“teacher”failed to read the text of the bill located here:

The bill clearly states that any of the provisions, when correctly cited, and others may be“With respect to any benefit under this title, and in addition to the waivers under subsection (c)(2), the Secretary may waive the grounds of inadmissibility under paragraph (1), (6)(E), (6)(G), or (10)(D) of section 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1182(a)) for humanitarian purposes, for family unity, or because the waiver is otherwise in the public interest.”

Further, it prevents the usage of“For purposes of subparagraph (D), allegations of gang membership obtained from a State or Federal in-house or local database, or a network of databases used for the purpose of recording and sharing activities of alleged gang members across law enforcement agencies, shall not establish the participation described in such paragraph.”

In the future, please fact check the supposed fact-checkers!

You can read this article in full here: