Friday, April 16, 2021

In case you missed it, the Cook Political Report shifted their rating of the North Country (NY-21) from an R+4 to R+8.

When Congresswoman Stefanik first ran for office in 2014, New York’s 21st District was rated as R+4. In just 8 years, and despite the tens of millions of dollars spent attacking her, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, working with President Trump, took the Democrat seat that voted for President Obama twice, flipped it, and made it a solid Republican seat rated as an R+8. After years of hard work delivering results to the district and strengthening the local Republican Party, Congresswoman Stefanik won in 2018 by the largest margin of any Republican in the Northeast and in 2020 with the most total votes in North Country history, earning votes from Republicans, Conservatives, winning Independents and unaffiliated voters, and peeling off a significant portion of North Country Democrats as the Democratic Party lurches leftward.

Congresswoman Stefanik has diligently worked to strengthen the Republican Party in the North Country by supporting and campaigning with local, county, and state candidates over the last eight years. Her effective party leadership working with local candidates was demonstrated by the results of the Republican victories in the 2019 local elections in the North Country. Across the 194 towns and villages in the district, no registered Democrats won a Republican-held supervisor or mayoral seat. Notable losses for North Country Democrats included the loss of their majority in the Clinton County Legislature and a seat in the Franklin County Legislature. In total, six new Republicans were elected into Supervisor or Mayoral seats across the district and three new Republican County Legislators were elected. In Jefferson County, a Republican was elected to the County Judgeship, a seat that has been held by a Democrat for over thirty years.

Elise is just getting started. Thanks to our combined efforts with the North Country GOP, we are registering Republicans at a 2-1 rate over the Democrats, bucking the statewide trend. Elise looks forward to continuing to work with local Republican parties to deliver victories across New York.

BOTTOM LINE: Stefanik’s strong leadership and her record of consistently delivering results for the North Country, along with President Trump’s leadership, expanded the Republican voter base in NY-21 and resulted in Elise Stefanik winning her re-election with the most total votes in North Country history for a Congressional candidate.